DCS Wildhearts Retreat

Logo, Brand Identity, Print Design


This "brand" is another fun project I got to work on at DayCloud Studios. We needed a brand and materials for our annual all-company retreat and I was tasked with creating it on my own. The theme for the retreat that year was "Wildhearts": an ode to retro-western culture. I created a main logo with some variations, a brochure of the retreat agenda, and other brand extensions for the employees to keep.


The process for this project was fairly simple: create my logo and revise it after meeting with my supervisor for any suggested edits before moving onto the fun brand extensions. Because of the theme, I thought it was fitting to create a cowboy hat and include elements that are also present in the DCS logo. Then I added a western typeface and distressed the logo with textures to tie in the theme and add some character.

After deciding on a logo, I started on an agenda that tied the theme together. This was a tri-fold design so I had a lot of space to have fun with it and add little design elements that went with the western theme. The finishing touches were to add the logo and related imagery and verbage onto various brand extensions including coasters, stickers, and table tents!

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