Avi Interiors

Web Design, Logo


This website was a class project where we were tasked with creating a brand, designing a website layout, and coding the website to full responsive functionality. I chose to create a brand for a fictional interior design agency that I named Avi Interiors.


The first phase of this project was to create a logo and identity for the business. I started by choosing a nice, clean sans-serif font that I thought embodied the design of mid-century modern interiors. Manipulating the capital 'a' of the font with some silhouetting lines, I decided to create a symbol that resembled a modern window frame and included versions of each letter in the name of the business 'a', 'v', and 'i'. The finishing touch for the logo incorporated a color palette of muted green and yellow that I later implemented into accent colors within the website.

The second phase of the website included laying out wireframes which were subjected to a few critiques and revisions. This just helps to organize the page elements before going too far into the design phase. After the wireframes were cleaned up, I added design elements into a full prototype that matched the branding for Avi interiors and coded the website from there in html and css.

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