Togs App

Web Design, Brand Identity


Togs is a clothing resale brand I created for a school project at Southeast Community College. The goal of this exercise was to design a fully-functional app prototype for a brand of our choosing. I decided to focus on building an app that solves an issue important to me: counteracting fast fashion and encouraging re-use of clothing.


The first thing I did for the Togs app was create the brand and logo to establish an identity for the user interface. I chose the name Togs which is a term popularized in the 1800s meaning "fancy clothes" but has more recently made its way to UK slang as a relaxed term for a cool outfit. The togs logo ended up being a full circle emblem on a clothes hanger which symbolizes the cyclical nature of the thrift fashion industry. I then decided that to appeal to a younger target audience, I would try out a new-to-me design technique called neumorphism. Neumorphism appears almost as an optical illusion by using shadows to make it seem like page elements are floating above the screen. I then worked my way through the natural user flow of an e-commerce app after a couple days of research and created a full app prototype including a home feed, listing page, messaging system, in-app purchase check-out, and a personalized profile page.

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