Sage + Sand

Logo, Brand Identity


Sage + Sand Hair Salon opened its doors to the public in January 2022 as a boutique hair salon and needed help reaching a younger female audience. The client was looking for a new logo, brand identity, and social media campaign to kick-start their grand opening!


My first few meetings with the client were focused on establishing a tone for the brand. First, we carefully selected adjectives that best described the identity they were going for; we landed on 'soft, established, and graceful'. Having these descriptors helped with creating some guidelines for the final product. Next, we looked through over 100 different logo designs with varying colors, illustration styles and typefaces and chose 20 that the client loved the most. After gathering this information, I created 3 stylescapes with 3 different logo designs for the client to choose from. We had several meetings where I presented these stylescapes to the client and discussed different design revisions until we chose the final product pictured below. Within the stylescape you can see different brand elements, a color palette, verbage, and stock images that fit the style.

Together, the client and I decided on a type-based logo design featuring a wispy, high-contrast script font for the main brand name that communicates elegance along with a soft sloping sans-serif typeface for the secondary text on the logo. A delicate sage leaf bushel illustration decorates the right corner above the text to balance out the design and drive home the namesake of the brand.

The last thing that I did for my client was to create some social media templates for the client to use for a drip campaign rolling out the brand. These templates were branded accordingly and included various examples for posts they might make in the future. All of the assets and templates were imported to the client's Canva account for easy access and continued use! I later created some business cards for the client to give out to new clients at the salon.

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